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    This web section addresses the legal question as to whether or not Pr Ntr Kmt (Kemetic Witchcraft) is a legally valid religion. This should be self-evident.

    There are numerous specific court cases that address the question of what constitutes a legally valid religion or religious creed. These court cases give specific standards (or tests) based on the Roman Catholic Church.

    Currently there is a six judge majority of the U.S. Supreme Court who are active members of the Roman Catholic Church (John Roberts, Anthony M. Kennedy, Antonin Scalia, Clarence Thomas, Samuel Alito, and Sonia Sotomayor).

    In thoery, no court should question the validity of any religious beliefs.

    In reality, a religion must prove through preponderance of evidence that is it substantially, qualitatively, and quantifiably more legally valid than the officially established Roman Catholic Church of the U.S. Supreme Court.

    The purpose of this section is to prove beyond any possibility of doubt, reasonable or unreasonable, that Pr Ntr Kmt (Kemetic Witchcraft) is clearly a superior and more legally valid religion than the Roman Catholic Church and therefore worthy of the protection of the Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA) and the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution.

    These materials answer the religious questions demanded by the courts in order to gain court protection of equal right to first amendment religious beliefs and equal protection from established religion, including but not limited to the equal right to participate in the pool or rotation of clergy to perform invocations or prayers at public meetings, equal access to public buildings and land afforded to other religions or religious groups, the equal right to protection against religious discrimination in employment, education, and housing, the equal right to protection of non-Christian marriage (especially gay and lesbian marriage), and protection of the growing, transportation, distribution, and use of religious plants including cannabis.


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  9. creation
  10. afterlife
  11. moral or ethical system
  12. external signs
  13. accoutrements of religion
  14. founder, prophet, or teacher
  15. important writings
  16. gathering places
  17. temples
  18. pyramids
  19. gardens
  20. keepers of knowledge
  21. ceremonies and rituals
  22. marriage and weddings
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    Pr Ntr Kmt (often translated as “Egyptian Witchcraft” or “the ancient Egyptian religion” is the oldest established religion in the world.

    It is simply amazing that even the most devout Christian or Muslim government official would question the validity of Pr Ntr Kmt (Kemetic Witchcraft).

    The religion is deeply embedded in Western culture, as well as African, European, Asian, Chinese, and Indian culture. The religion is deeply embedded into the English language itself.

    Ancient Egyptian religious writings are the oldest known writing in the entire world. The oldest discovered written character is the ankh, which appears on cliff paintings and cliff carvings that are more than 12,000 years old. With the same meaning as the word ankh still has today.

    The English word “nature”; comes from the ancient Egyptian word “Ntr”.

    The Great Pyramids on the plains of Giza are the only surviving of the Seven Wonders of the World. They survived both Roman and Muslim attempts at destruction.

    The Great Temple at Ephesus, another of the Seven Wonders of the World, was dedicated to Bast (called Artemis by the Greeks and Diana by the Romans). Women from all over Africa, Europe, and Asia (from as far away as China) came to the Great Temple at Ephesus and brought gifts from their homelands. The Christian writer Paul specifically congratulates Ephesian Christians on their vandalism (including destruction of art and burning of books) at the Great Temple of Ephesus.

    Easter is the Germanic name of the Egyptian Goddess Bast. The Egyptians hired millions of German soldiers in the War Against the Sea People. Many of these German warriors returned home with worship of Bast and the springtime celebration of Bast/Easter at the first Full Moon after the Spring Equinox. The Christians usurped the central-most German holy day to make forced conversion to Christianity easier.

    While the Christians changed the date of Easter (a new complicated formula to make it end up on a Sunday), they kept the original name and many of the feaatures of the celebration of the Goddess of beginnings, fertility, and springtime. The eggs and rabbits are pagan fertility symbols. The Easter Basket appears prominently in one of the three common ancient heiroglyphs for the name of Bast. The statue of the Goddess at the Great Temple of Ephesus depicts the Goddess holding a large number of Easter eggs (although some claim they are bull testicals).

    The Book of the Coming Forth Into the Day (better known as the Egyptian Book of the Dead) provides the most complete description of the afterlife and the path to the afterlife of any religion in the entire world.

    Many alphabets are derived from ancient Egyptian writing, including the Roman alphabet, Greek alphabet, Germanic runes, and Arabic alphabet.

    The oldest known fiction writing was the story of Cinderella, originally a story about an ancient Egyptian princess.

    The Great Library at Alexandria was a temple of Pr Ntr Kmt, headed by a High Priestess of Aset (Isis) or High Priest of Ptah.

    Pr Ntr Kmt, ancient Egyptian Witchcraft, invented mathematics, including algebra, geometry, trigonometry (Imhoteop), and calculus (Hypatia, although her writings were destroyed by devout Christians after the author of the Nicean Creed (the mainstream Christian creed) joined with other Bishops and monks to gang-rape, torture, and murder Hypatia).

    Pr Ntr Kmt invented science, including astronomy/astrology, chemistry/alchemy, botany/biology, medicine, and physics. The word “chemistry” is based on the name Khem. Imhotep (chief architect of the Great Pyramids and High Priest of Ptah) created the scientific method. Most of the Western and Hindu astrological signs are from the Egyptian divine: Ares=Amon-Ra, Tarus=Ptah, Gemini=Heru and Bast, Leo=Sekhmet, Virgo=Seshat and Aset, Libra=Ma’at, Scorpio-Selkhet, Aquarius=Hapi. Ramses the Great set the four cardinal points (Ares, Cancer, Libra, and Capriconrn) in the sky.

    More than 2/3rds of the modern medications in use today (by total consumption) are direct derivatives of the herbal remedies created by ancient Egyptian Witches.

    How could even the most devout Christian or Muslim (even those who belong to the Roman Catholic Church) deny that Pr Ntr Kmt (Kemetic Witchcraft) is the oldest, most complete, most influential, longest lasting, and greatest of all human religions?

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    Pr Ntr Kmt attempts to catalog all of the variations of ancient Egyptian religion. The three major branches examined on this web site are: native Egyptian religion (history and culture), the rational branch (based on science mathematics, and philosophy), and witchcraft (based on magick). Goddess Diet Plan describes how any woman can become a living Goddess. See guide for more info.

    Pr Ntr Kmt is a spiritual religion (Church, as defined by U.S. law) for any enlightened persons who have a sincerely held religious belief in, of, and/or about any variation of Ntr (divine). Pr Ntr Kmt does not impose any particular religious belief or creed on members. Each individual member is personally responsible for his or her own sincerely held religious and/or spiritual beliefs.

    These web pages are religious in nature. These web pages are not professional medical and/or legal advice. Nothing on this website should be considered as a substitute or replacement for professional legal and/or medical advice. Persons should seek the advice of qualified health and/or legal providers. All industrialized nations in the world other than the United States provide medical care for their citizens. It is the official U.S. government policy that legal and medical care are luxury items reserved exclusively for the rich.

    Nutrition and herbalism are often practiced by Egyptian magicians, Sesh Per Ankh, shamans, witches, and other pagans.

    Get a Pr Ntr Kmt certificate as proof that your religion is real and you are a real witch, shaman, priest, priestess, etc.

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May Goddess Bast grant YOU love, peace, joy, bounty, and wisdom.

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