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    “5. d. Keepers of Knowledge: Most religions have clergy, ministers, priests, reverends, monks, shamans, teachers, or sages. By virtue of their enlightenment, experience, education, or training, these people are keepers and purveyors of religious knowledge.” —United States of America v David Meyers

    “an organization of ordained ministers,” —IRS definition of a church

    “ordained ministers selected after completing prescribed studies,” —IRS definition of a church

    “school for the preparation of its ministers.” —IRS definition of a church


    Hem (male) and hemet (female) were the primary Kemetic (ancient Egyptian) words for priest and priestess. The generic version was hem Ntr or hemet Ntr (priest or priestess of the Divine). The Ntr could be replaced with a specific deity name, such as Hem Ra or Hemet Bast.

    The web priest (or priestess) was responsible for the purity of the ritual and the cleanliness of sacred rooms, tools, paraphenalia, and priesthood.

    The kher heb was the priest or priestess who recited the liturgy and magick spells.

    The sesh per ankh were the learned priesthood (including mathematicians, doctors, and scientists).Sesh Per Ankh is ancient Egyptian for “scribe of the House of Life”. This can be translated into English as magician, shaman, witch doctor, witch, priest, doctor, or professor.

    The English words Witch and Witch Doctor are translations for Sesh Per Ankh.

    The English word “Witch” meant a woman in the Roman Catholic Church-imposed “Dark Ages”. A male Witch was called a He-Witch. The word “warlock” is from the Polish for “oath breaker” and was used in Polish Witch Trials run by the Roman Catholic Church in which large numbers of innocent men and women were tortured and murdered by the Roman Catholic Church as part of official Roman Catholic Church dogma, on orders from numerous Roman Catholic Church Popes. In modern times the word “Witch” refers to both men and women.

    The word medicine comes from the prehistoric era of wise women who measure out plants in order to heal. More than two thirds of modern medications (total usage, not sheer numbers of drugs) are derived from Kemetic Witch (ancient Egyptian) herbal preparations!

    The sesh ked were the artists of the priesthood (and, yes, the artists were an essential part of the priesthood).


    These materials answer the religious questions demanded by the courts in order to gain court protection of equal right to first amendment religious beliefs, including but not limited to the equal right to participate in the pool or rotation of clergy to perform invocations or prayers at public meetings, equal access to public buildings and land afforded to other religions or religious groups, the equal right to protection against religious discrimination in employment, education, and housing, the equal right to protection of non-Christian marriage (especially gay and lesbian marriage), and protection of the growing, transportation, distribution, and use of religious plants including cannabis.

    The purpose of this section is to prove beyond any possibility of doubt, reasonable or unreasonable, that Pr Ntr Kmt is clearly a superior and more legally valid religion than the Roman Catholic Church and therefore worthy of the protection of the Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA) and the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution.

    Technically the courts claim that a religion isn’t supposed to be tested for validity, but in practice the courts go on to test validity using the Roman Catholic Church as the standard of comparison. Ultimately all seeking their first amendment rights will have to convince the six member Roman Catholic Church majority of the U.S> Supreme Court (John Roberts, Anthony M. Kennedy, Antonin Scalia, Clarence Thomas, Samuel Alito, and Sonia Sotomayor) that their religion is clearly superior to the Roman Catholic Church in every possible way.

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Pr Ntr Kmt

Contact Pr Ntr Kmt at, Michaelm, 340 Old Newport Road #7, Newport Beach, California, 92663, USA or 1-949-566-0001.

    Pr Ntr Kmt attempts to catalog all of the variations of ancient Egyptian religion. The three major branches examined on this web site are: native Egyptian religion (history and culture), the rational branch (based on science mathematics, and philosophy), and witchcraft (based on magick). Goddess Diet Plan describes how any woman can become a living Goddess. See guide for more info.

    Pr Ntr Kmt is a spiritual religion (Church, as defined by U.S. law) for any enlightened persons who have a sincerely held religious belief in, of, and/or about any variation of Ntr (divine). Pr Ntr Kmt does not impose any particular religious belief or creed on members. Each individual member is personally responsible for his or her own sincerely held religious and/or spiritual beliefs.

    These web pages are religious in nature. These web pages are not professional medical and/or legal advice. Nothing on this website should be considered as a substitute or replacement for professional legal and/or medical advice. Persons should seek the advice of qualified health and/or legal providers. All industrialized nations in the world other than the United States provide medical care for their citizens. It is the official U.S. government policy that legal and medical care are luxury items reserved exclusively for the rich.

    Nutrition and herbalism are often practiced by Egyptian magicians, Sesh Per Ankh, shamans, witches, and other pagans.

    Unless otherwise specified, all materials on this website and other church materials are owned by the original copyright holder. Pr Ntr Kmt has non-exclusive right to use these copyrighted materials.

    Get a Pr Ntr Kmt certificate as proof that your religion is real and you are a real witch, shaman, priest, priestess, etc.

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    Unless otherwise specified, all materials on this website and other church materials are owned by the original copyright holder. Pr Ntr Kmt has non-exclusive right to use these copyrighted materials.

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May Goddess Bast grant YOU love, peace, joy, bounty, and wisdom.

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