Pr Ntr Kmt prayer kit

prayer kit

prayer kit ancient divine

prayer kit ancient divine

    This prayer kit is exclusively for religious use of cannabis. It may not be used for recreational purposes. See the article on neter sentra for more information on cannabis prayer.

    Glass ta prayer pipe with hemp ta safeguard.

    The official Pr Ntr Kmt approved prayer kit includes a high quality glass pipe designed for regular long term religious use. The glass is high quality, sturdy, and a work of art. The blessed glass pipe contains a liquid chamber for colling of cannabis smoke. The glass pipe is particularly easy to clean (straight line cleaning, without difficult curves. And the blessing by an official Sesh Per Ankh makes the holy cannabis smoke especially pleasing to the divine.

    The official Pr Ntr Kmt approved prayer kit includes a hemp cloth bag that clearly labels your prayer kit as being for religious use. The padded hemp cloth bag protects your valuable holy pipe. The label on the outside of the bag clearly identifies the religious purposes to any questioning authorities (including the police and judges).

    Blessed hemp and glass for netcher sentra, a sacred religious belief. Five (5) inch prayer ta with glass enclosed liquid metalic swirling clouds to enhance your sacred prayer to the divine protected with a cushioned hemp ta safeguard.

    Fashioned by the finest artisans. Easy clean airshaft. Artistic design on each side.

glass prayer Ta or pipe    hemp pipe bag

to order:

    Pr Ntr Kmt uses the “old school” approach of mail physical mail (“snail mail”) because we need to have your signature on a statement that it is your sincerely held religious belief that you must use cannabis.

    IMPORTANT: Please carefully read and follow the instructions. Pr Ntr Kmt is not responsible for errors or failed delivery of prayer kits if you make mistakes. We want you to receive your blessed prayer kit in perfect condition.

    ACCURACY: Please be correct, accurate, and precise. Clearly label each item. Write legibly (someone who doesn’t know your handwriting will have to try to read your writing). You are encouraged to print your request from a computer or typewriter to increase your accuracy.

    Name: Clearly write your name exactly as you want it to appear on the mailed package.

    Date of Birth: Clearly write your date of birth. You must be of legal age in your area (18 in the U.S.).

    Mailing address Include a legible and full mailing address. Pr ntr Kmt is not responsible for any inability to read your mailing address.

    Phone number A phone number is optional. Pr Ntr Kmt may use a phone number to clear up any uncertainties.

    E-mail address An e-mail address is optional. Pr Ntr Kmt may use a phone number to clear up any uncertainties.

    Declaration You need to include a signed declaration. You need to sign a declaration stating “I (your name) have a sincerely held religious belief that cannabis is essential for my religious practice of Neter Sentra.” This statement must be signed with your legal signature.

    Donation Make a donation of at least $60 (bigger donations really help) shipping is free in the continental United States. Make checks or money orders in American dollars payable to “Pr Ntr Kmt”. Wrap cash in opaque paper.

See also cannabis, practice belief, neter sentra, and guide to cannabis religion.

See also legally valid religion.

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    Pr Ntr Kmt attempts to catalog all of the variations of ancient Egyptian religion. The three major branches examined on this web site are: native Egyptian religion (history and culture), the rational branch (based on science mathematics, and philosophy), and witchcraft (based on magick). Goddess Diet Plan describes how any woman can become a living Goddess. See guide for more info.

    Pr Ntr Kmt is a spiritual religion (Church, as defined by U.S. law) for any enlightened persons who have a sincerely held religious belief in, of, and/or about any variation of Ntr (divine). Pr Ntr Kmt does not impose any particular religious belief or creed on members. Each individual member is personally responsible for his or her own sincerely held religious and/or spiritual beliefs.

    These web pages are religious in nature. These web pages are not professional medical and/or legal advice. Nothing on this website should be considered as a substitute or replacement for professional legal and/or medical advice. Persons should seek the advice of qualified health and/or legal providers. All industrialized nations in the world other than the United States provide medical care for their citizens. It is the official U.S. government policy that legal and medical care are luxury items reserved exclusively for the rich.

    Unless otherwise specified, all materials on this website and other church materials are owned by the original copyright holder. Pr Ntr Kmt has non-exclusive right to use these copyrighted materials.

    Get a Pr Ntr Kmt certificate as proof that your religion is real and you are a real witch, shaman, priest, priestess, etc.

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